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Targeting 2030

With close to a decade to go, how close is the building sector to reaching its carbon neutral goal in the race against climate change?  

Architectural Products, January 2019

Steinhardt Steinhardt Museum of Natural History

Tel Aviv’s Wooden Treasure Chest: Wrapped in a wooden façade resembling Noah’s Ark, the new Steinhardt Museum of Natural History creates a new city landmark.

Architectural Products. January 2019

10 Hudson Yards
10 Hudson

The first of 16 new developments on Manhattan’s west side, a striking high-rise features an expertly crafted curtain wall system held together by high-tensile cables 

Metals in Construction, Spring 2017

Healthcare acousticsA Sound Plan: How To Achieve Optimal Healthcare Acoustics

Healthcare Design, December 2016

CoreNet Global: The Essential Guide to Corporate Real Estate 2015   Corenet

Chapter 14: Sustainability
Chapter 15:
Workplace Strategy & Mobility
Chapter 17: Partnering

BIM for Greener Interiors

BIM interiorsInterior designers stand to benefit from BIM and BIM-compatible software just as much as architects and contractors. From highly accurate clash detection to reduced change orders to a much more streamlined design and construction process, BIM is poised to continue its upward trend from novelty to best practice, eventually becoming an industry standard.

Environmental Design+Construction CEU, Fall 2015

Public privateA New Dimension
As highly collaborative endeavors, today's research parks are driving innovation, technological advancement and economic growth

Architectural Products, September 2015

Rediscovering Wood

AP Wood With a plethora of sustainable benefits, wood also offers an under-appreciated value as a structural material.

Architectural Products, November 2014

On-site corporateOnsite Corporate Clinics Provide Business Class Care
In an effort to contain rising employee healthcare costs and attract and retain talent, more and more corporations are opening up healthcare clinics right inside their office buildings

Healthcare Design, October 2014

Geothermal, Ready for Prime Timegeothermal
Despite being a highly sustainable, renewable energy strategy, ironically, geothermal systems have captured less than 2 percent of the HVAC market, to date. That's about to change.

Green Builder, September 2014

                    net zeroNet Zero in the Desert Heat
An innovative passive ventilation system and large daylighting installation trim down AC and lighting loads to make net zero a reality for DPR in Arizona.

Net Zero Buildings, June 2014 (pg. 13)

LEED v4: The Next Generation

As LEED’s most significant upgrade since Version 2.0 in 2000, project teams have their work cut out for them to meet v4’s most stringent requirements.

Environmental Design+Construction, January 2014

Allsteel RiseAn A+ for Collaboration
Task chairs on casters, modular furniture, multimedia platforms and comfortable loungue furnishings are supporting today's collaborative, flexible higher education environments.

Architectural Products, September 2013

K-12 School Design that Pays Off for StudentsBDC K-12
As school districts struggle to find capital to build and maintain energy-efficient, healthy environments, K-12 projects teams are developing strategies to support high-performance educational facilities while staying on budget.

Building Design+Construction, September 2013

LPAImmersive Branding for Commercial Interior Design
A far cry from a simple sign on the entry, today’s progressive branding schemes have evolved into immersive environments which truly tell a story about their organization. LPA Inc. blog, June 2013 (ghostwrite)
The Business of Branding Commercial Interiors
LPA blog, April 2013
Corporate Branding Strategy Secrets to Success
LPA blog, September 2013 (ghostwrite)                                           

Healthcare Design for the AgesAssisted Living
While assisted living and continuing care retirement community (CCRC) developers were going like gangbusters a few short years ago, the picture is quite different today.

Healthcare Design, March 2013

                    HopkinsNew Patient Tower Serves as a Beacon in Baltimore
What do you get when you combine a Monet painting with a world-class medical institution? The answer is a striking, multicolored curtainwall façade for Johns Hopkins Medical Center's new 1.6-million-square-foot patient care building.

Healthcare Design/Healthcare Building Ideas, August 2012

Applying BIM, Retro-StyleBIM Ohio State
While increasing percentages of hospitals and healthcare facilities are harnessing the power of building information modeling (BIM) for planning and new construction, very few have applied its potential to ongoing facilities management and operations like Ohio State University Medical Center.

Healthcare Building Ideas, June 2012

                    EDCThe BIM Revolution
Whether it’s clash detection, an expedited project delivery process, fewer change orders, increased collaboration or optimized MEP systems design, building information modeling continues to prove its worth.

Environmental Design+Construction, April 2012

Modern and Minimalist, Yet Sophisticatedirit axelrod
Clean, simple, restrained, modern, serene and sophisticated -- these words embody the signature style of the Israeli-born and bred architect, Irit Axelrod.

Architectural Products, March 2012

community leadersHospitals as Community Leaders
From weight loss competitions to free health screenings to educational programs to teddy bear clinics, hospitals are actively promoting health and wellness within their communities

Healthcare Design, February 2012

Healthcare Reform: One Year Later
Healthcare Reform
Does the industry have any more clarity about how the largest anticipated restructuring of the U.S. healthcare system in recent history will ultimately shake out than we did a year ago?

Healthcare Buildling Ideas, August 2011

Natural VentilationFresh Air
Operable windows, which stepped aside with the advent of mid-century AC, is making a big comeback as natural ventilation gains popularity as an energy efficient, comfort-promoting design strategy.

Architectural Products, October 2011

Engineering Brick + Masonry for Commercial BuildingsBrick
Brick and stone masonry have served as reliable and valuable elements of commercial building projects for centuries, gracing urban and rural landscapes since time immemorial.

Building Design+Construction, November 2011

consolidationCashing in on Consolidation
Spurred by healthcare reform, scarce capital, and a competitive marketplace, healthcare providers look toward consolidation as a way to stay afloat

Healthcare Building Ideas, May 2011

2011 Building Design+Construction White Paper: Net Zeronet zero
Net Zero Energy Buildings: What the Case Studies Teach Us

Building Design+Construction, March 2011

belkinThe Power to Change
Mapping a course from fossil fuel dependency to renewable
energy will mean making a dramatic course correction
toward renewable resources. Along the way, the building
sector has a major role to play.

Green Builder, March 2011

From Community Blights to Community Schoolsadaptive resuse
Adaptive Reuse for K-12 Schools Gains Traction

Architectural Products, January 2011

UC DavisCritical Care Upgrade
UC Davis Medical Center's new Surgery and Emergency Services Pavilion doubles its treatment space to better serve inland northern California as the region's level I trauma center

Healthcare Building Ideas, May 2011

Green Deck-adencecertainteed
New and Improved Sustainable Decking Products Offer Attractive Options for Outdoor Living

Green Builder, January 2011


HighTechMuseumsHigh-Tech Museums: The Future is Now
Virtual reality gaming, interactive surface technologies, and multi-dimensional theaters are among the exciting offerings in state-of-the-art museums

ARCHI-TECH, May 2010

Hospitality Renovations and Upgradeshospitality
Does the hospitality sector see a silver lining on the horizon? Although many are predicting that the economic slump will continue to plague struggling hotels, casinos, and resorts, there may be some good news for Building Teams in the offing.

Building Design+Construction, April 2010

libraryThe Evolving Library
Now at a major crossroads, the traditional library—essentially a bookoriented community center—is evolving into a digital wonderland of Internet, e-books, videos, and social media. Consequently, with print reference collections shrinking by at least 50% and digital-minded teens and young adults coming up through the ranks, library designers are being challenged
to come up with a new model.

Building Design+Construction, March 2010

Higher Ed: Renovation for SustainabilityUniv
With higher education institutions among those leading the charge of the sustainable design movement, green building dominates the renovation agenda at many universities and colleges. Numerous projects, programs, and initiatives focused on sustainability continue to spring up on campuses nationwide.

Building Design+Construction, February 2010

corporateHigh-Performance Workplaces
Building Teams around the world are finding that the workplace is
changing radically, leading owners and tenants to reinvent corporate
office buildings to compete more effectively on a global scale. The
good news is that this means more renovation and reconstruction work at a time when new construction has stalled to a dribble.

Building Design+Construction, January 2010


Taking Control

Taking Control
Lighting systems can reap big energy savings
Eco-Structure, August 2010

Double-Duty Audio TechnologyAV
Next-generation audio technology now doubles as a paging and highly reliable voice evacuation system
ARCHI-TECH, April 2010

ceiling lightingIntegrating Ceilings and Lighting
High light reflectance, coordinated with good lighting design, saves energy

Buildings, January 2010

New Ways to Improve Water Efficiency
The growing awareness of the planet's limited resources and the rapid expansion of the green building movement are compelling Building Teams to employ more water-conserving strategies and plumbing technologies. From rainwater harvesting and graywater recycling systems to integrated water-metering “dashboards,” the possibilities are not only intriguing but suggest a manageable and sustainable future.

Building Design+Construction, December 2009

The Structural Power of Glass
Historically regarded for aesthetic qualities, the introduction of daylight indoors, and ability to link building interiors with the outside world, glass building systems have traditionally played a prominent role in commercial and institutional buildings. In recent years, glass systems have been shown to support building concepts in even more direct ways.

Building Design+Construction, October 2009

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Commercial Restrooms That Work Right
When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. But where?

Building Design+Construction, November 2008


Going Up?
Destination control, personalized transport, and energy and space efficiency are headlining today’s elevator product brochures

Architectural Products, June 2008


Moisture Control: Envelope Strategies and Techniques for Protecting Building Value
Among all the challenges plaguing buildings in the U.S., moisture-related problems are at the top of the list

Building Design+Construction, June 2009


Windows + Doors: Daylighting, Passive Solar, and Energy Modeling
“The most thermally efficient building would have no fenestration at all, but who would want to live in it?”

Building Design+Construction, April 2009

New Roofing Concepts and Techniques
Whether it’s planting a green roof, installing building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems, or applying coatings or materials to reduce material heat emittance and surface temperature, Building Teams are paying more attention to the roof plane.

Building Design+Construction, January 2009


The Doctor is In
A big building trend in healthcare, outpatient clinics are fast becoming the facilities of choice for ambulatory patients because they offer cost-effectiveness, convenience and accessibility.

Architectural Products, August 2010

High Marks for Modular
Driven by speed to occupancy, simplified construction, and the ability to accommodate rapidly changing medical technology, prefabbed healthcare modules are turning heads

Healthcare Design, December 2009


Perfecting Patient Care
With growing patient-to-nurse ratios and the average U.S. registered nurse age at almost 47 years, one important current healthcare market focus is adjusting floor and nursing station layouts to maximize the safe and efficient delivery of care.

Architectural Products, November 2009


The 'Smart Hospital' Business Meets BAS
The versatility of wireless building automation systems continues to grow as hospitals compete to run cost-efficient businesses

Healthcare Design, April 2009


BIM: Managing the Learning Curve
While building information modeling (BIM) is a very powerful electronic tool—potentially enabling unprecedented efficiencies and savings in the design, construction, and operation of healthcare facilities—its learning curve is steep.

Healthcare Design, November 2008

Cancer Centers: A Design Model in Patient Care
Often considered the premier facility on campus, cancer centers are quickly evolving into symbols of medical prestige and excellence.

Contract, October 2007

Planning for the Worst

What happens when a truck carrying toxic chemicals overturns on the highway, exposing dozens to dangerous fumes? Or how about when natural disaster such as a hurricane or tornado strikes, leaving hundreds injured in its wake? Are hospitals prepared to provide emergency medical care under such disaster scenarios?

Healthcare Design, June 2008



Historic Masonry: Restoration and Renovation
Historic restoration and preservation efforts are accelerating throughout the U.S., thanks in part to available tax credits, awards programs, and green building trends. While these projects entail many different building components and systems, façade restoration—as the public face of these older structures—is a key focus.

Building Design+Construction, August 2009


Building with Concrete: Design and Construction Techniques
Concrete demands energy and natural resources, a careful design approach, and ongoing maintenance once it is put in place. In this way it is unlike many other structural and finish materials—yet it maintains a special reputation for strength, durability, flexibility, and sustainability. These associations and a host of other factors have made it one of the most widely used building materials globally in just one century.

Building Design+Construction, May 2009

Building with Architectural Metals: Novel Materials, Tried and True
England’s Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey, Madrid’s Royal Palace, and Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral all share a couple of interesting traits. They are still standing today. And they are made of metal.

Building Design+Construction, March 2009

Selecting, Specifying, and Building with Wood Products
Do cell phones make people want oak parquet floors? In 1982, John Naisbitt and Patricia Aburdene predicted, in their best-selling Megatrends: Ten New Directions Transforming Our Lives, that the explosion of high-tech equipment and gadgets would create an innate desire for organic, “high-touch” building materials to balance the digital with the natural. Many of Naisbitt and Aburdene’s “predictions” have fallen by the wayside, but they may have been right about society’s continuing and seemingly natural attraction to organic building materials, particularly wood.

Building Design+Construction, February 2009

Fire-Rated Glass
Where’s the Fire?

Architectural Products, August 2008


Biomimicry: Nature’s Lessons
Whether it’s the passively cooled Eastgate Center in Harare, Zimbabwe, which mimics the way termites maintain constant internal temperatures, the Singapore Art Center’s building skin louver system inspired by the way polar bear hairs regulate light and heat absorption, or the Waterloo, Canada, airport terminal with its plates of glass hinging together like the scales of the armadillo-resembling pangolin, architects are looking to nature for innovative design solutions.   

Archi-Tech, February 2009

M/E/P Technologies for Eco-Effective Buildings

Sustainable building trends are gaining steam, even in the current economic downturn.

Building Design+Construction, July 2009



A Delicate Balance

When a group of veteran Israeli business professionals got together to launch a new global financial services firm, they were in search of an architectural solution to convey precision, strength, and transparency balanced with privacy.

Contract, May 2008

Jefferson Would Be Proud

Extensive testing of materials, historical research, and delicate construction coordination went into the restoration and expansion of the nation's oldest continuously operating capitol building, originally designed by our third president.

Building Design+Construction, September 2007

Ready for Takeoff
Israel's new international gateway brings striking architecture and new amenities to travelers to and from the Holy Land.

Building Design+Construction, March 2005

For the Six Million

Moshe Safdie's redesign of Jerusalem's Yad Vashem memorial campus presents the Holocaust narrative in a much more personal light.

Building Design+Construction, April 2005



Back to School with New Systems, Ideas

Tackling IAQ, energy efficiency and maintenance issues, veteran engineers share some valuable tips for dealing with common K-12 design challenges.

Consulting-Specifying Engineer, September 2007


DNA of R&D Labs

Multidisciplinary collaboration features, energy efficiency and appealing amenities are key elements to consider when designing today's R&D facilities to attract top researchers.

Consulting-Specifying Engineer, June 2007

Tune in, Sports Fans

Themed concourses, an array of concessions and flashy video keep fans entertained beyond action on the field.

Consulting-Specifying Engineer, June 2006

Airport Cities
Energy conservation, sustainability, security, and performance-based design are key issues for airport projects, but one new concept is the “airport city,” with retail and restaurant franchises, hotels, offices and apartments re-creating the airport as a destination

Consulting-Specifying Engineer, March 2007

A Balanced Mix
Mixed-use developments offer urban dwellers neighborhoods where they can live, work and play

Consulting-Specifying Engineer, July 2006

Middle East Mania

World-class cities are blooming on the desert shores of the Persian Gulf, driven by developers who demand the best in M/E/P systems

Consulting-Specifying Engineer, February 2007

Shopping Smarts

Besides ever-changing consumer tastes, retail is being pushed into new realms by new codes and greater community involvement mandating more sustainable buildings with notably more energy-efficient lighting.
Consulting-Specifying Engineer
, February 2006


Book Review
To Kindle A Soul – Jewish Parenting
Judging from the ever-growing selection of child raising books in the bookstores, parents and grandparents are likely finding it a challenge to fish out the best guides to effective parenting. Fortunately, it seems that with the recent release of To Kindle a Soul: Ancient Jewish Wisdom for Modern Parents and Teachers, veteran educator and father of five, Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen, may have come up with a strong contender.

Chicago Jewish News

Scene from a Jewish Wedding
Dressed in a polka-dotted clown suit and a bright red wig, a gentleman surrounded by a group of men tosses flaming torches in the air. In the center of the commotion sits a young man, delighted.
Across the room, a woman in an ornate white dress watches as her female friends, dressed as cowboys and Indians, chase each other in a high energy Wild West skit. Sound like a three ring circus? Guess again. It's an Orthodox wedding.

Detroit Jewish News

Women in Engineering (1st of a 3-Part Series)
Just a few decades ago, it was practically unheard of for women to enter the field of M/E engineering. While a few brave female pioneers began testing the waters in the late '70s and early '80s, it wasn't until the '90s that greater numbers began to follow.

Consulting-Specifying Engineer, June 2006