Although Barbara thoroughly enjoys her professional writing work, her main love is her family for whom she thanks G-d every single day. Blessed with four sweet little girls – Esti, Sara, Chana, and Yaeli – and most recently, a baby boy, Mordechai – their lively crew certainly keep Barbara and her husband on their toes. The Bennett clan is happily settled in a warm and special community in northern Jerusalem where they take advantage of religious pursuits, child raising classes, and a wonderful social network.



While the vast bulk of Barbara’s writing time is taken up by business writing projects, she enjoys occasionally penning essays on personal life experiences. In fact, two such essays – one describing how she met her husband and the second reflecting upon the birth of their second child – were recently published in two separate books: Splitting the Sea and More Special Deliveries


In addition, Barbara enjoys keeping her family and friends abreast of the kids’ latest antics with her humorous family newsletter, “Best of Bennett.”

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